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Using Feug Shui to Color Your World

We’ve heard so much about using feug shui when decorating our homes. I read a recent article about this Chinese art of placement and how it’s suggested use of color can have influence over our lives. In fact, in short, all feng shui is related to wealth – the “wealth” of good health, the “wealth” of opportunity, the “wealth” of love and happy relationships.

The following are some “color” guides when decorating your home so that you can achieve the type of “wealth” that is important to you.

The Color of Money-not surprisingly the color green is associated with business opportunity and earned income. This is preferable to blue which is the second income color. Generating wealth is represented by a range of blues going from pale all the way to black. Accumulated wealth is represented by greens ranging from mint to deep forest with medium green being the color of amassed money.

Making a Name for Yourself – this is the way to money but through social status, family name, or high profile. Red is the color here in ranges from shell pink to deep orchid. Success through networking, travel, and connections is represented by the metallic shades such a white, gold, gray, and silver.

The Wealth of Love and Health – when relationships are difficult and love is on the wane the elements of earth help to ground and anchor us. The lore of feug shui advises that shades of yellow ranging from buttercup to ochre are the choice. These colors represent spirituality, education, and are helpful in making good decisions. For happy relationships and good health rich brown and cocoa create growth and harmony.

Just some food for thought when thinking about redecorating or going on a shopping spree.

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