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Are You an Early Bird or a Night Owl?

When it comes to searching online home listings a website analysis shows that generally west coast areas are early birds with 28.5% to 25.6% of their searches taking place from 4:00AM to 10:00AM. While east coasters search from 10:PM to 4:00AM accounting for 17.9% to 16.0% of the searches.

Real estate agents across the country are using this new data to provide the best information to their potential clients at the best possible time of day. Agents in Bellingham, Washington, an early bird city, ties listings to meet the population’s early schedule. Single-family homes are listed early in the morning and rentals go up later at night. The largest concentration of late online home searchers is in New York City. One agent reported that she woke up to multiple emails sent from 2:00AM through 7:00AM.

Young vs. older clients? Psychology tells us that most people are more productive in the morning. After lunch is a down time and with early evening comes a spark of energy. It was cited that younger folks tend to be more alert later at night. As well, searches on mobile devices is on the upswing with 34% of New Yorkers using these devices vs. 15% in Bellingham, Washington.

With the current housing boom the early bird may get the worm or the night owl may get the worm. It all depends on you.

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