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Taking It Outside

As the saying goes, “The kitchen is the heart of the home”. The kitchen is still the heart of the home but now we have both indoor and outdoor kitchens to add to our joy. Families and couples are spending more of their leisure time, and entertaining dollars on activities in their own homes. Why not? It’s fun, it provides a relaxing setting, and gives more time to enjoy. To accommodate this style homeowners are investing in making their homes more usable. Basically, they want to duplicate what they have indoors, outside. Outdoor kitchen areas encourage relaxation for the cook and the guest providing a “social cooking” time in the great outdoors.

In South Florida outdoor living investments can be used year round and are a positive investment. It is interestingly to note that this outdoor style of living is happening all over the country, in cool climates and warm. From North Dakota and New York City, to California and Florida it is quickly becoming a way of life. Outdoor living spaces are equipped with cooking basics as well as with pergolas, fire pits, and heaters. Some even include weather resistant storage cabinets, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc. Depending on your budget and geographic area the amenities you can add are endless.

However, one need not invest huge sums of money in this outdoor project. The simplest outdoor kitchen will make your home more usable and be a value added plus when selling your home. Though not yet up to the level of upgraded kitchens and bathrooms, outdoor kitchens are quickly becoming a desirable add on.

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