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Bigger is not always better! I am writing this to those of you that like me, feel you deserve to be treated the way you treat people that are your clients. I have spent 2 days now trying to make appointments for our buyer to view other agents listings.

Mind you these are homes priced upwards of $1,000,000 to $3,000,000. The issue is not that we do not find homes to view, rather the ego and lack of work ethic that surrounds us. Many of the “larger” Real Estate or old school corporate agency’s have appointment desks. You call, leave messages, hope for call backs. If you are lucky and get a call back the agent has assistants to show the property because the “agent” who was trusted by the seller to list the home due to their status are too important to actually show the property.

Weekends you ask? “Oh NO, So and So does not work weekends!” The Moral of this story is a message to our clients that we at Miami Property Shop are indeed a Team you can count on. We will do our best and keep our promise to you for full service and not just when it is convenient and when you list your home with us, we will go the extra mile to sell it and when you want to purchase, we will be your Team!

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