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Getting Your House “Show” Ready

You have made the decision to sale your home. You want the process to be as smooth
and stress free as possible. You want the people who come to see your home to love it as much as you do. You want it to sell for the asking price (or higher in these days with competitive bidding), and you want it to sell as quickly as possible.

A bit of planning and getting your house “show” ready can go a long way to making the selling process smooth and profitable. Our experience shows that the suggestions below can go a long way to make your dream of selling your home easier than you thought.

Being proactive is key. Look around your home and:

1.     De-clutter rooms and closets (makes these spaces look more spacious and clean).
2.     Update the look of your home: a fresh coat of paint; removing dated wallpaper
and popcorn ceilings can do wonders.
3.     Paint the front door. This is the welcome mat to your home.
4.     Replace outdated fixtures, door handles and knobs that are worn.
5.     Be sure all lighting fixtures are working and outfitted with new light bulbs.
6.     Wash all windows and “let the sunshine in”
7.      Remove plants and furnishings that may be blocking windows.
8.      Tidy up the landscaping.
9.      Store family photos. This helps to de-clutter the house.
10.     Have readily available all records of any work done or service contracts.
11.     Get an appraisal and/or an inspection to head off any questions.

Have your home white glove clean, sparkling, and smelling fresh.

Sounds like a long list? Sounds like it may be expensive? Actually, many of items are quickly accomplished, and the updating mentioned need not be expensive. A new fresh look can be yours with inexpensive items.

The goal in all this is to make your home a canvas on which the potential buyer can paint a visual picture of their desired style of living in your home with their furnishings.

Maxine and Skot Siegler – “Team Siegler”
Miami Property Shop LLC
2982 McFarlane Road
Coconut Grove, Florida 33133

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